happy chinese new year!

hi everyone! its been a super long time since i last blogged. school has been crazily hectic for me //cries// {i know i always start with the same thing. but meh. its true. aha}

anyways, happy chinese new year to everyone who celebrates it! hope you have a fun time aha. i painted my nails for this occasion but its too meh to be shown in the world of the internet lol. its orange with yellow dots tho aha. i’ll post up a picture of it when it actually looks okay. teehee.

on a side note, i got two new baby lips today! theyre the pink glow ones. i forgot what theyre called tho. {short term memory at its best here} but look!


pretty eh? lol. but that’s all for today! i know its short but i have nothing much. sorry ahaha.

lots of love, ali.


day out + ootd ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

hello! its been awhile. and i just realized that i start with that like most of the time lol. but today is about my day out with my grandparents yesterday! it was mostly window shopping since i didnt see a lot of things i liked.

so i got a new bag! yay after a million years.


i obviously cant take pictures lol. so bear with it. but i really like the color of this bag! and the design’s really cute too. this cost SGD 22 if i’m not wrong. i think its a pretty worth it buy.

next i also got a victoria’s secret fragrance, vanilla lace!


this is another example how good my photography skills are. lol. but this scent is just lovely and sweet! i just love those kind of scents. a lot of people i know doesnt tho. which is sad. i got this for sgd 15. it was cheaper than when i bought from victoria’s secret itself.

and last but not least, i got baby lips!


its mango pie flavored and i really like how it smells like. haha. i dont really like the design they have here tho. but at least they sell baby lips here. haha. i got this for around sgd 5.90! it was pretty worth it i guess!

oh i almost forgot my ootd! so here it is!


i really like my mary jane (even tho theyre inspired)! i think they are really cute and they go really well with dresses & skirts!

so thats it for today! i told you i mostly did window shopping. but i really enjoy going out with my grandparents since i rarely see them anyways. i hope you liked today’s blog!

lots of love, ali.

happy new year! ๐ŸŽˆ

hello everyone! it’s been a while since I last blogged. whoops. sorry bout that. ahaha. I’ve been busy with events and all.

happy new year everyone! to be very honest, I’m not excited for this year. but then again, I’m never excited for New Years. new year means that you’ll have to go back to school and face the drama, exams, people & more people. //sigh// I really hate school as you can see. but I’ll get to see my closest friends for at least 5 days a week so yay?

now onto the new year’s resolutions! I always have a list of them but by then end of the year, I don’t even think I’ve started on them. but it’s a tradition for me to list it, so I shall. AHAHHA
1. to have amazing grades for all my exams. (that’s like a resolution for almost all students lol)
2. lose weight (meh this has been in my list for as long as I remember)
3. be less shy and awkward when meeting people.

that’s all I’ve thought of so far. I believe I’ll add on to the long (not) list as the year progress. lol. but what are your new year resolutions? comment down below! and don’t forget to like and follow me!

lots of love, ali.
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ps. I think I sound very pessimistic here. lol.

nerd alert ๐ŸŽฎ + movie review ๐ŸŽฌ

hello everyone! it feels like an eternity since I last blogged. (even tho it wasn’t that long but still) I apologize but nothing much really happened. even though nothing much happened, I just felt like writing, or rather, typing. so I did.

I spent most of my time gaming. I recently got addicted to the game ‘getamped 2′. and I’ve been busy trying to level up my character. (whoops) from a complete noob to an average player in a span of 1 week? I think I’m doing good, I usually am horrible at games. I mean I remember times when I played neopets when I was younger, I couldn’t even get a proper score for the games. I recently tried again, but, the scores were horrible. (double whoops)

besides gaming, I also started re-watching my absolute favorite childhood show, huntik! upon re-watching, I found out that season 2 was released! needless to say, I felt like the happiest kid on earth. literally. hehe. I highly recommend you to watch it.

okay, now onto my movie review! on Tuesday, I went out with my friend, to catch Disney’s ‘Frozen’. the film was just perfect okay. it didn’t even need to get to the ending before I started sobbing already. (yeah yeah emotional me) as soon as it ended, I declared it to be my favorite disney movie. I never had one but this one is just so good! it’s a story based off ‘Ice Queen’ (even tho I thought it wasn’t even like it but whatevs) the soundtrack is just amazing, hands down. (pun intended, those who watched it should get it c: ) my favorite quote from the whole movie was

“the sky’s awake, so I’m awake”

I’m not sure if you consider that a quote but it’s just downright adorable! after the movie, i was just gushing and spazzing all about the movie to everyone. i know I’ve said this a lot of times, but, it was really good!! I just have to emphasize on it. I couldn’t keep it in. ahaha. everyone was just like “woah girl, chill, I have no idea what you’re talking about” (triple whoops) haha.

so I guess I’ll just end off here! for those who play getamped 2 too (lol), feel free to comment your ign (in-game name) and maybe we could find some time to play together. :) mine’s alii! and if you have any game recommendations for a horrible gamer (I don’t consider myself as one, but I don’t really have any other words to describe myself. hehe) like me, comment down below! please like and follow my blog!

lots of love, ali.

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christmas nails ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ’…

hello everyone! //says it in Marcus Butler’s voice// AHAHAH I just had to. so how’s everyone so far? I just did my nails for christmas earlier today (I know it’s still early but why not!). I got inspired by an ornament I saw in a shop (my mum didn’t wanna get it :(( ) and I thought why not. it’s really simple but I really like it!



I apologize for the bad quality picture and for the bad background. but I tried! it was the nicest two out of the few I took. with or without the flash, it still doesn’t do the color much justice tho. it doesn’t even show my matte topcoat properly! :(( it looks much much better in real life.

the polishes I used for this were mostly from opi except for the clear topcoat which I used to smoothen out the pieces of glitter. I used OPI’s alpine snow for the base (I couldn’t find a proper base coating.), for the red, I used OPI’s cajun shrimp, for the glitter, I used pirouette my whistle which is also from opi. (I find the name really adorable.) for the top coat, I used seche vite’s dry fast top coat. I really like their topcoats. I’m not too sure why. I just like it. and for the matte effect, as you can see in the pictures above, I used OPI’s matte topcoat. I’m seriously in love with that topcoat. I just like that kind of texture. even my phone’s screen protective is matte.

I’m not an expert in nails and all but is it okay to put two different topcoats like what I did? if you know, do you mind letting me know in the comments? it’ll be greatly appreciated!

I know this is kinda short, but I would do these kinda blogs once in a while. since I do not paint my nails like every week or so. I only do it when I feel like it and have the time to do it. so if you like it and want me to do it more often, please let me know!

and finally, christmas is nearing! do y’all know what y’all want for christmas yet? do comment your christmas wish list in the comments! I do know I want a camera from canon. especially those that can take HD videos and pictures. I wouldn’t mind using my phone but it’s only 16 GB and I only have 1.5 GB left as of now. I do have a lot of apps and photos. that’s why I’ll need a camera! ahaha idk if that’s a valid enough reason for my parents tho. oh wells. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! so I guess I’ll end off here. I hope you enjoyed reading this! and thanks for reading!

lots of love, ali.

shopping with my grandma ๐Ÿ’•

my first ever blog post! yay! it’s the third day of decemberโ€” one of my favorite months (who doesn’t like decembers) and I went out to shop with my lovely grandma! we bought lots of stuff, she said I could get anything I want for christmas! (as you can tell, she spoils me a lot. I got a new pair of sandals, two dresses and lots of nail products. cos I’m just that obsessed with them. it was really fun! 20131203-213246.jpg
these are the sandals! they’re from Payless and I got them for SGD34.90 I believe.



these are the dresses I got from love & bravery I got the pink dress for SGD34.00 and the white & blue striped dress for SGD35.00. I thought it was a good deal. I really like them.

last but not least, my nail products! I spent a total of SGD93.80 on these. yeaahh. I kinda lost control back there. but I really do not regret getting these. I got the set of ten OPI polishes for SGD35 and I thought it was pretty worth it. my matte topcoat for SGD14, my two clear topcoats for SGD20, and the shiny white and silver for SGD8.90 each! I can’t remember how much I got my dotting tools and thin brushes for tho.

so that’s it to my first and definitely not last blog post! I really hope you enjoy reading what I write! leave a comment on what you think about this. and follow me on instagram, twitter & tumblr. thank you so much for reading!
lots of love, ali.