school sucks.

school sucks. 2 words that describes how 99% of the student population think of school. it’s true isn’t it? you pay to gain knowledge, as well as get tortured by the teachers there, either by flooding you with homework, or putting disciplinary actions for a tiny mistake. whereas the staff there, are getting paid to do those things to us. i don’t get how this is fair.

for instance, on tuesday, after school at 2:17 pm, i was on the first level using my phone, and guess what? the discipline mistress caught me. she told me to go to rcube (fyi, thats what they call the detention hall in my school) to surrender my phone for a whole day. and it’s all because i used my phone on a non-phone zone area in the school. like wow? non-phone zone. seriously? school has ended already, and such rules still apply? but while she wasn’t looking, i snuck off because why would i want to do that? (but i’ll admit, i shouldn’t have ran away.) the next day, she caught me, and told me to go to rcube again. she told me how i was a leader in school, and how i shouldn’t be doing that. like please, i hardly broke the school rules. i was merely using it in the hallways of the first level ok. and now, i’ll have to surrender my phone on monday for an entire week. like wow fuck you. i’m so done with you gosh.

disciplinary actions aren’t the only reason to why school sucks. teachers are so awfully biased towards the smart alecks and the teachers’ pets, and they think it’s alright to just insult the weaker students, directly or indirectly. not everyone was born a genius ok. some people take more time than others to understand something. not everyone learns at the same pace too.

that happened to me. it was during principles of accounts (POA) class. we just did a mini revision worksheet and my teacher wanted us to swap papers with our table buddy to do peer marking/evaluation. but knowing i did badly for mine and that the person next to me was a smart girl, i said i’ll just mark it myself because i wanna know where i went wrong. knowing where you went wrong is a better technic for me to remember. since my work was really badly done, it was hardly markable. so i skipped one whole section and i couldn’t tabulate my marks in the end. when my teacher was checking the scripts for everyone’s marks, she saw that i didn’t put in the mark. and she was like ‘why didn’t you put in the marks? who’s your peer marker?’ and i calmly told her that i marked it myself bc it was really confusing and literally not markable, she screamed at me saying ‘why can’t you let A (let’s call my desk buddy that, real creative, i know) mark your work? she’s so much smarter so she’ll definitely be able to mark yours no matter how ‘confusing’ it is. and you won’t have trouble marking hers since she’s so smart.’ like wow. i thought teachers were supposed to be more encouraging and not call their students stupid indirectly. i just don’t have a flare for POA, why can’t she just accept the fact and move on?

this is basically why school sucks (to me at least). teachers want to be treated with the respect they think they deserve, but respect has to be earned. it can’t be gained overnight. teachers really need to get that through that thick skull of theirs. sigh. if any teacher manages to come across this, they’ll probably set some disciplinary action on me. bc the teacher is always right. and the students, are always wrong. tsk. and they definitely don’t like anything written against them. sighpie. i’m so done with school. can’t wait to get out of this fucking hellhole.